RV Manufacturer Rules


In compliance with “purpose” of the FRVTA Show, each exhibitor agrees:

To exhibit ONLY “2024 or Newer” products of their own manufacturers and not completed products of other manufacturers (except as may be outlined in the Exhibit Rules and Regulations), comprised of materials, equipment, apparatus, systems, services and other component products pertinent to the recreational vehicle industry.

To display such “2024 or Newer” products or services in a manner which is intended to describe and depict the advantages of using such products or services. A display board containing facts pertinent to the construction of the exhibit’s product and that products F.O.B. Factory based price may be displayed.

Each unit received at the Florida RV SuperShow will be inspected by Show Management for proper paperwork and model year requirements. An MSO is required for all units delivered from dealers. (See Staging Instructions)

All units displayed must meet RVIA’s current definition (in force at the time of the show) of a recreational vehicle applicable to each type of unit being displayed. Exhibitors will not be permitted to display units that do not meet RVIA’s or F.S. 320 definition of a recreation vehicle. Park Trailers must meet F.S. 320 definition. The appropriate RVIA seal must be carried on all show units prior to their move into the show.


All exhibitor overnight units in the exhibitor’s camping area must be registered with the Florida State Fairgrounds officials and pay the appropriate fee. Violators will be charged a fee of $50.00 per unit, per night and vehicles are subject to impound at owner’s expense. There is NO public showing of overnight units to the general public. The general public will not be allowed in the exhibitor’s camping area. Violators may be subject to closure of display.

It is the responsibility of the manufacturers to make arrangements with their exhibiting dealers to have keys stored or picked-up at the time of delivery. FRVTA Show Management will stamp paperwork stating the units have been delivered to the State Fairgrounds but will not accept any further liability of security for the vehicles. For further questions on this matter please contact the FRVTA State Office.

Manufacturers are responsible for maintaining the integrity (square footage) of their display.  All products and display materials must be confined to the actual limits of your assigned areas. No units or any part of the unit including steps, slide-outs, mirrors and/or tail pipes may extend into the aisles or other display areas. No tables, landscaping material, chairs, signs, steps or other materials may extend into the aisles. Per Fire Marshall requirements, all display aisles must maintain no less than 6’ of unobstructed passage to include but not be limited to stairs, awnings, slide-outs, etc. Display units’ entrance/exit cannot be placed on aisle. Appropriate distance must be maintained for safe egress. (See Rules & Regulations)

Your company is allowed twenty (20) name badges for the first 3,000 sq. ft. and five (5) more for each additional 1,000 sq. ft. increments bought. There will be a $5.00 charge for each additional name badge(s) above the allocated amount. Dealers representing multiple displays will have a max allotment of 150 badges.

It is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer to assign or designate the dealer(s) who will be representing their display. Only dealerships that are licensed in the State of Florida may obtain a Department of Motor Vehicles Off-Site Permit. An Off-Site Permit is required by the Department of Motor Vehicles to display units off of the licensed dealership’s location. This form must be obtained prior to the show opening and must be on display during all show hours. DMV officials will be on-site to ensure all proper paperwork is available. The original Off-Site Permit must be present during all show hours. If a dealership is handling multiple exhibits, a copy of the Off-Site Permit must be located in each display.

The Off-Site Permit is handled through the Tampa office of the DMV. This form and mailing address will be sent to your designated dealer(s) once the Dealer Assignment Form is received.

All Dealerships assigned by and agreed to represent a manufacturer at the 2024 Fla RV SuperShow also agrees to abide and follow all Rules and Regulations of the RV SuperShow.

Each dealership assigned will receive Exhibitor’s information. Show Management recommends manufacturers and dealers coordinate the responsibility of electrical orders, phone orders, move-in and move-out requirements, etc.

To participate in the Florida RV SuperShow, it is required that each dealership assigned be a member of the Florida RV Trade Association.

The pertinent manufacturer will only be allowed to bring demo units on the State Fairgrounds property. A manufacturer may bring in one (1) demo unit for every 2,000 square feet purchased with a maximum of four (4) units. Additional demo units may be bought at a cost of $1,000.00 per Demo Unit and must be paid prior to move-in onto the State Fairgrounds property. All Demo units must be properly registered through Registration Office.

Restrictions are as follows:
a.  Must meet all show schedules and restrictions.
b.  Must be registered with the Registration Office.
c.  Must be kept in designated areas.
d.  Must be same year (2024 or Newer), make and model as unit in Manufacturer Exhibit.
e.  Motorized Units only.  Demos must be used as a “Driving Unit”.
f.  Transferring of Demo Units is not allowed. To change out a Demo Unit, go to the Registration Office.

All Electrical hook-ups must be installed by an authorized Facility Electrician. There is a charge for electrical hook-ups. Refer to the Florida State Fairgrounds Electrical Form to determine your electrical needs or contact Florida State Fairgrounds for assistance at (813) 740-4642.

Show Management and the Florida State Fairgrounds makes efforts to ensure grounds are level as possible but due to the nature of the facility such cannot be guaranteed. It is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer and it’s named representatives to ensure all floor coverings are stable and clear of any and all depressions and/or obstructions. On grass, before floor coverings are installed, inform FRVTA Show Management of any irregularities. On pavement, natural depressions exist in and around manhole covers, drains, etc. It is strongly advised that if there are any such depressions, they should be covered by a vehicle. If such depression(s) is covered by carpet, some type of visible designation should be present to inform the public of its existence.

The maximum height in the manufacturer’s section is twenty (25’) feet including signs.

Selected manufacturer move-in starts Thursday, January 9, 2024, at 8:00 A.M. This will be with Show Management approval only. (See Manufacturer Move-In Schedule)

Important – Please Note:  Each manufacturer will be advised of their move-in time. All show units must be received at the State Fairgrounds NO LESS THAN forty-eight (48) hours prior to their scheduled move-in time or sustain a fine of $200.00 per day/per unit.

Move-in will be accomplished as close as possible to the targeted move-in schedules. FRVTA cannot be responsible for delays or early move-in caused by circumstances beyond its control.

At designated move-in time, Manufacturers are responsible for moving their own units, PROVIDING SUCH MOVE-IN DOES NOT BLOCK THE PLACEMENT OF OTHER DISPLAYS. Authorization for move-in is required through Show Management and must be given ON-SITE by the Floor Manager.

Move-in of late arriving units is at the total discretion of Show Management and there is no guarantee that late arriving units will be moved into the show.

All RV manufacturer exhibit displays must be ready and manned NO LATER THAN 10:00 A.M. January 17, 2024. All units must be opened and manned during show hours, including Industry Day. If units are not opened or properly manned a fine of no less than $500.00 will be imposed.

This show will officially close at 5:00 PM, Sunday, January 22, 2024.  Unit move-out will commence with Show Management approval only.

All electrical hook-ups must be removed by a official FSF electricians and any/all damage to electrical equipment by Exhibitor and/or Exhibitor agents will be at sole expense of Exhibitor.

Manufacturers’ displays may be dismantled beginning at 5:00 PM Sunday, January 22, 2024.  Earlier tear-down will result in the imposition of a fine of not less than $500.00 and loss of the right to participate in the initial drawing and space assignment procedures for the next year’s show and possible forfeiture of future exhibit rights. Payment of the fine does not entitle the exhibitor to dismantle the display prior to the final show closing.

All exhibits must be out of the Expo Complex by midnight, Sunday January 22 and the Special Events Center by noon on Monday, January 23, 2024.

Show units may be removed from display area and staged in FSF public parking Lots A – C. All units must be removed from the premises of the State Fairgrounds Parking Lot NOT LATER THAN 5:00 P.M. Wednesday, January 25, 2024, unless otherwise noted or will be impounded and a $500.00 charge will be assessed to the manufacturer.

Keys to motorized units must be available to Show Management throughout move-out.

Manufacturers are responsible for the cleaning and removal of ALL decorations from the display, i.e., mulch, bark, landscape timber, straw, carpeting, etc.  If all items are not cleaned and removed, a minimum fine of $500.00 will be assessed.

Park Trailer Exhibitors are reminded that FRVTA subscribes to the Florida definition that a Park Trailer cannot exceed 400 sq. ft., or 500 sq. ft. with H.U.D. Seal when measured at the largest horizontal projections (on the exterior) when in the set-up mode.

Units that exceed the below specifications are not eligible to display.
400 sq. ft. or under. Built to ANSI A119.5 standards
500 sq. ft. or under (with H.U.D. Seal). Built to H.U.D. Standards

Park Trailer add-on rooms may be shown, but in separate displays. There will be no Park Trailers with add-on rooms attached or in any stage of attachment.

All exhibitors need to make arrangements to lessen incidents within your displays. Such arrangements should include but are not limited to:
Anti-slip strips or coverings on the entrance/exit and interior steps
Ensure all steps are dry
Slide-outs and 5th wheel hitches covered to help prevent head injuries i.e., fun noodle, pipe insulation, plants, signage
All space between units not considered an aisleway be secured i.e., plants, signage/roped off
All carpeting or floor coverings secured i.e., tape, nails, vehicle tires, signage
Any wiring of any type covered or secured. Wiring under carpet/floor coverings clearly marked i.e., caution tape or safety cones
“Watch Your Step”/HOLD HANDRAIL (if applicable) signage

Exposition, Etc., is the Official Decorator and Drayage/Freight company for the Florida RV SuperShow. For a listing of all show services see FURNISHINGS/CARPET, LABOR/MISC. tab of Exhibitor’s Manual. All materials should be shipped to arrive at the Decorator no later than Monday, January 6, 2024. Shipments arriving after the 6th will have to be address to the facility. PLEASE PLAN YOUR SHIPMENT ACCORDINGLY. All shipments must be coordinated with Expositions, Etc., (727) 577-1168.
NO shipments will be accepted by the Florida State Fairgrounds or the Florida RV Trade Association.  Expositions, Etc. will inform you when the shipment arrives. There will be a charge for this service.

Manufacturers may begin delivering their units at the State Fairgrounds on Monday, January 2, 2024, through Sunday, January 15, 2024, between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. All units MUST be checked in at the Registration Office, located at the Orient Road Entrance. There will be security during staging. (See Staging Instructions). Show Management will make every effort to maintain designated staging zones for the convenience of our exhibitors but will not guarantee a specific area.

DUE TO NEW EPA RESTRICTIONS, THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO WASHING OF UNITS ALLOWED IN YOUR DISPLAY AREA OR PARKING LOTS. ALL UNIT WASHING MUST TAKE PLACE IN DESIGNATED WASH AREAS. All washing companies must be pre-registered and provide the Association with a Certificate of Insurance and proof of Workers Compensation. Once units are set into the display, they may be detailed but not washed. EPA Officials require all chemicals/cleaning supplies be biodegradable and proof must be available and on-site for their possible inspection. All Wash Companies must pay $150.00 for a Water Permit.

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