2022 Jacksonville RV Mega Show


I look forward to heading up to Jacksonville every February to check out the Jacksonville RV MegaShow. This is the largest multi-dealer RV Show in Northeast Florida and a great place to see all of the latest new RVs in one spot.

Sneak Peek of the Jacksonville RV MegaShow

For unknown reasons, the weather gods always make setting up this show difficult and this year was no exception. Two days before the gates were open, it was raining and cold. At least it was cold for all of us Floridians. I don’t think the temperature was over 50ish and the rain definitely made it miserable. This particular show has a lot of paved areas, but we also have a large center “corral” that is dirt. This area has a tendency to become rather sloppy in the rain which slows down setting up the RVs.

This made the final day of setup a rush to get ready! There were people everywhere trying to maneuver RVs into position, lay out carpet, and wash the RVs. It was a ‘all-hands-on-deck’ rush to get ready for Opening Day!

Opening Day of the 2022 Jacksonville RV MegaShow

Opening Day of the 2022 Jacksonville RV MegaShow was amazing! The weather was perfect to browse through the hundreds of RVs on display from 4 local dealers. There are RVs of every class at the show as well as over 50 vendor booths featuring RV aftermarket products, campgrounds, and insurance companies. There was a line up at the ticket gate of RV shoppers ready to roll!

The show is being held February 10th-13th at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center. The gates are open Thurs-Sat from 10am-6pm and Sun from 10am-4pm. This is the largest multi-dealer RV Show in NE Florida so don’t miss out!

For more info on the show, please visit the show webpage.
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