7 of the Best RV Apps

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RV travel is a great way to see the United States in comfort. Unlike traveling in a car, RVs provide all of the amenities that people need to feel at home. Despite all of the luxury that comes with recreational vehicles, traveling on the road can still be difficult. Fortunately, advances in technology have helped to make our lives much easier in several aspects. Here are seven must have RV apps for those embarking on a long road trip.

Oh Ranger! Park Finder

OhRanger! iPhone application

Download: iPhone

Many people drive RVs in order to explore the beatiful national parks that are scattered throughout the United States. As these parks are vast and spread out, an RV is the perfect vehicle to take when visiting. The ‘Oh Ranger! Park Finder’ is an application that will identify any national or state parks within a particular area. Users can search for parks nearby or closer to their destination. The application also has information regarding each park’s camping policies, available amenities and other helpful information. ‘Oh Ranger! Park Finder’ has a database of every national and state park in the entire country. This is the perfect app for visitors who frequent parks with their RVs.

Allstays Truck and Travel

AllStays Truck and Travel iPhone application

Download: iPhone

Although this is a trucking application, it can be incredibly helpful for those driving an RV. This app was designed to make it easier for people driving larger vehicles. Allstays Truck and Travel has information regarding roads with low clearances, pull-off zones for runaway trucks and other important tips. This application can also help drivers find truck stops and travel centers where RVs are easier to refuel and park. Users can even filter search results based on amenities such as parking, ATMs and more. This is a great app for planning a longer road trip in an RV.


Download: AndroidiPhone

Roadtrippers is an appropriately named application that will list a host of nearby attractions in which drivers may be interested. The search results are organized into a variety of sections including restaurants, hotels, services, history, shopping and more. Roadtrippers is a great way to figure out what kind of attractions are around without having to drive around and waste time searching. This app comes equipped with reviews about all of these attractions to give travelers a better idea of what is around. Some great features in this app include interactive trip guides, an easy-to-use blog platform and filtered search results.


GasBuddy iPhone application

Download: AndroidiPhone

Although its an integral part of every RV road trip, gas is a constant pain in the neck. Not only does it cost a lot of money to refill an RV, but gas stations are also tricky for these larger vehicles to maneuver. GasBuddy seeks to cut out all of these headaches by finding the cheapest gas stations within a certain parameter. Travelers no longer have to settle for an expensive gas station just to see a cheaper one a few miles down the road. GasBuddy is a great RV app for saving money and time.

Walmart Parking App

WalMart Parking iPhone application.

Download: AndroidiPhone

Every seasoned RV traveler knows that many Walmart stores allow overnight parking. These stores are life-savers to many RV drivers who need a place to stay in the middle of a city. Although many Walmart stores do allow overnight parking, it is important for travelers to know that this is not true for all locations. The Walmart Parking App is the best way to find stores that do allow RVs to park overnight. This phone app offers turn-by-turn directions and even has a RedBox finder for those who like to enjoy movies while staying overnight at Walmart.

Free Zone Wifi

Free WiFi Finder iPhone application.

Download: iPhone

Everyone is tethered to the internet in the 21st century. Smartphone, laptops, tablets and all other devices keep us dependent on an internet connection. While RV trips offer a great opportunity to spend time away from technology, there are times when wifi will be needed on a trip. The Free Zone Wifi app has a massive database of locations around the world that have free wifi. Users can find parks, libraries, restaurants, bars and even rest stops that offer free wifi to visitors. This application can help keep RV drivers connected even in the most remote locations.

Florida RV Trade Association

FRVTA iPhone application.

Download: AndroidiPhone

The FRVTA app is a must-have application for anyone that travels or lives in Florida. The app allows members and visitors alike to plan their RV show experiences from upcoming shows around the state, daily events and seminars. Users attending the Florida RV Supershow, the greatest RV show in the nation, or any of the amazing regional shows, will appreciate the detailed maps which make finding new and favorite products and exhibitors a breeze.

These applications can make traveling in an RV much easier. From saving money on gas and finding free wifi to driving safer and finding places to sleep, these applications take away a lot of the hassle typically associated with this form of travel. Downloading at least one or more of these RV apps is guaranteed to make the trip more enjoyable overall.

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