Arcadia Peace River Campground


After hearing tales of never-ending ATV trails through the mud and scouring the Peace River for prehistoric fossils, I knew that the Arcadia Peace River Campground was a not-to-miss RV destination on my Florida Travel list. I was thrilled when the opportunity finally came to check it out! I had high hopes for my trip and this campground definitely didn’t disappoint!

When you first pull into the campground, there is a old Florida style Dance Hall on the left. A row of wooden rockers on the deep shaded porch gave me the feeling that I had instantly stepped back into time. This is the perfect spot for the campground socials that are frequently held throughout the year for campers to make new friends and reconnect with old ones.

The Peace River Dance Hall,

I was lucky enough to be given a tour of the property by one of the owners, Summer.  She is an Arcadia native and knows the campground and river intimately. We met at the Dance Hall to start our tour and then headed off to check out the trails.

Exploring the trails with Summer.

It seemed like the trails wound through the woods forever! We made so many twists and turns, I am not sure how we didn’t get lost. Exploring the shaded recess of the campground is one of the big draws of Arcadia Peace River Campground.  Most of the campers had some form of ATV or side-by-side at their site which they used for exploration or just running around the campground.

One of the other huge attractions is fossil hunting the Peace River. The resident fossil hunting expert, Wayne, was kind enough to show me some of his finds from the campground and give me a brief overview of how to find my own. There are so many fossils found here that they even have some for sale in the Camp Store!

Fossil Hunting Expert Wayne showing a Mastodon tooth that he found at the Arcadia Peace River Campground.

The campground itself was thoughtfully designed to give families the best possible camping experience.  The campsites are all huge and easy to navigate regardless of the size of your rig. They also have multiple Buddy Sites available which allows groups of two to four campers to park in a circle around a shared patio.  This is a great option for friends and family to create their own private outdoor space. They also have trailers for rent that can be moved to your Buddy Site if you have family members that want to come but don’t have an RV of their own!

An example of a Buddy Site.

It didn’t take long for me to decide that the Arcadia Peace River Campground is one of my top Florida RV Destinations! Amazing people, fossil hunting, and fun in the mud are great reasons to keep coming back to this great Florida campground!

For more information on the Arcadia Peace River Campground, please visit their website or call 863.494.9693.

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