Breaking Camp – RV Checklist

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Once you have relaxed and had a chance to commune with nature, the time will come to break camp. It is just as important to properly break down camp when you leave as it is to put it up when you arrive. Take your time and make sure that you are reversing everything you did when you arrived. Keep a checklist on the wall of the RV so that you will always begin and end your camping trip safely and wisely. Hurrying through the exiting process can create problems that you will have to deal with before your next trip.

Breaking Camp

  • Retract stabilizer jacks.
  • Empty waste containers and put hose away.
  • Retract and store awning.
  • Check operation of RV lights.
  • Draw in antenna.
  • Operate trailer lights to be sure they work.
  • Remove and store power cord.
  • Return chairs and various paraphernalia to their rightful places.
  • Put out campfire, making sure it is completely out.
  • Stow inside items that need to be tied down.
  • Situate contents of refrigerator for driving and properly lock doors.
  • Properly close drawers and cabinets.
  • Remove and safely place any items that may fall during travel.
  • Close all windows and vents.
  • Check that water pump is turned off.
  • Replace sliders, if applicable.
  • Check around your site for easily forgotten items.
  • If the campground offers a dump site, dump the black and grey tanks.
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