Campfire Brownies

Camping Recipes

Campfire Brownies… it doesn’t seem possible that these two words go together, but, oh do they! As camping aficionados know, food somehow is just better when cooked outdoors and brownies are no exception!

Keeping it simple, all that is needed is your favorite box brownie mix, necessary ingredients, your favorite toppings like pecans or chocolate chips and a 18″ cast iron skillet.  Just add half of all the ingredients directly into the skillet and mix right in the skillet until well blended.  Place the cast iron skillet directly on the coals if your fire has burned down or on a grill rack over slow burning fire.  The cook time is going to vary depending on the fire temperature.  Start checking at about 20 minutes by inserting a knife into the brownies; it should come out clean when they are done.

The best part of this recipe is there is another half of a box for the next night!


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