Campground Setup Part 2

Tips & Tools

For many new RV’ers, campground setup is a stressful first hurdle. After successfully navigating to the campground and pulling into the site, the first time hooking up the RV can be intimidating. I had the opportunity to visit Ocean Grove RV Resort where Joey showed me how to quickly setup the outside of the RV at the campsite.

There was quite a bit of information, so the videos are broken up into two parts. In the first video, we learned how to hook up the electric, water, and sewer as well as stabilize the RV.

Campground Setup Part 2

In this video, Joey shows us how to get the inside of the RV ready for fun. We learn about the master control panel, turning on the AC, hooking up to the campground cable, and putting out the slides and awning,

For more information on Ocean Grove RV Resort, please check out our article which contains a great video on the resort! You can also visit their website or call them at 800.342.4007.

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