Can You Celebrate the Holidays in an RV?

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The holidays are just around the corner. If you live or are temporarily staying in an RV, you may be wondering how you are going to cook a holiday meal in such a limited amount of space. In addition, where is everyone going to sit to enjoy the meal if you do manage to get it done? If you are thinking you may have to forgo the traditional and opt for taking everyone out for a holiday meal, think again. It is quite possible to cook a large meal and enjoy it even if you are living in an RV.

Preparing a Holiday Meal in an RV

Admittedly, kitchens in RVs are small, but you can make use of the space that you have in a number of different ways with these RV tips. If you are planning to have turkey, opt for a smaller one that you normally have. You usually have a lot of leftovers, so just choose a turkey that will suffice for the holiday meal. An aluminum pan for cooking can be shaped around the turkey and it will fit in your small oven. The same can be done for a ham.

Since this is probably the only thing you will be able to get in the oven, make use of other kitchen appliances such as crock pots, pressure cookers, and countertop convection ovens. They can be used for making a variety of dishes for your holiday meal. Prepare some items a couple of days ahead if you need to use the oven. Pies and casseroles can be made a couple of days before and stored in the refrigerator for reheating.

If you are staying in an area where the weather is warm, make use of your outdoor grill for preparing the turkey or ham. This frees up the kitchen in your RV for making all the side dishes. Many people choose to deep fry their turkeys, so if you have a deep fryer, this is an option. There are different types that can be used outdoors or indoors. Another choice is to purchase a turkey that has already been cooked from the local grocery store, and fix the side dishes you want to accompany the meal.

Entertaining in an RV can be fun if you plan ahead!

Entertaining Holiday Guests

The holidays are all about friends and family. You may be spending them in an RV, but you can still have a special day. The meal can be enjoyed outdoors in warm weather. A picnic table with a festive tablecloth and beautiful centerpiece is perfect for everyone to have plenty of room.

If the day is particularly warm, an umbrella can be used over the table to keep everyone out of the sun. Many RVs have an awning that extends several feet, and the table can be placed underneath it to provide a comfortable eating area. A lot of camping areas have covered tables that are perfect for large gatherings.

RV Holidays are even more fun if you enlist the aid of others that are camping on the same site. When everyone gets together to plan the meal and entertain, this adds additional space for guests to visit. It also adds to the number of available restrooms that will be needed. It is a great way for RV enthusiasts to spend the holidays and make new friends and enjoy the company of existing ones.

Entertaining in your RV does not have to be limited. Today, many camping areas offer an array of activities that can be enjoyed after the holiday meal. From horseback riding to boating, swimming, kayaking, or just hiking, there are several choices for everyone to work off that holiday meal. One of the best RV tips is to plan a few activities that guests will enjoy to make this a holiday to remember. If sports or a holiday movie is something that you would like to include in your plans for the day, set up a television outdoors for after the meal.

RV Holidays are easier to plan that you might think. If the meal and festivities are planned for later in the day, you can set up lighting and even screens that can be attached to your canopy to provide maximum comfort during the evening hours. Add a few coolers, lanterns, a table, and seating and your guests can enjoy visiting or games.

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