Dating for Single RVers

RV Lifestyle

The RV life offers many travelers the chance to enjoy a lot of free time. If you’re a solo traveler, traditional dating activities may not work well. For example, if you’re out in the national forest, it’s hard to break away and go to a nice restaurant. If you’re on a tight budget, you may not be able to spring for gifts. Additionally, your intended may not have space for new items.

Focus on Quality Time

Instead of trying to spend a great deal of time hanging out, many single RVers in small rigs have better luck dating in the great outdoors or on shared activities and sight-seeing. For example, if your dating prospect loves bird-watching and invites you on a walk, you can pack a picnic lunch and share some food and binoculars.

A private picnic can set a romantic mood in any location!

You can reciprocate with some star-gazing, fishing or whatever your favorite outdoor activity includes. Be ready to enjoy some alone time after these dates; one of the best RV tips to remember is that together time can get too intense in a very small space.

Embrace Being Enough

It may be tempting to make updates to your home, your wardrobe or yourself when you decide to start focusing on a special connection. However, single RVers can often be tempted to connect with another RVer simply because they do live so simply and make such a wonderful life all on their own.

If you plan an outdoor date, wear something tidy and clean, but don’t worry about investing in anything new. If you have an extra fishing pole, lend it. If not, share or invite your guest to bring a book. Celebrate the joy of just being together. If they can’t hang out and enjoy the silence, you’ve learned something.

How Do You Meet People?

Focus on interests. Make sure that you guard your own schedule, needs and wishes while trying to spend time with others. If you enjoy going into town and going to museums and your RV connection hates the city, be ready to spend some time apart. It’s very easy to get around and do what you want to do when your house has wheels. There’s no reason at all that you and your potential romantic connection can’t spend time apart. In fact, it will make your time together all the better.

Check out meet-up groups and social media platforms that allow people to set appointments to connect in person. If there’s a group of hiking enthusiasts meeting near your intended campsite in the next few weeks and you’d like to try out your new poles, post as a novice looking for someone to take the easy trail with you. As you progress to tougher trails, your friendships will also grow.

Consider Geography

Look for other single RVers who enjoy your passions!

If your interest is wildflowers and there’s a desert bloom coming, put out feelers to see if other RVers will be headed into the desert to see the remarkable flower show. Even if you’re going to be there for five days and end up flying solo for the first three, enjoy it! Being happy in solitude doesn’t have to mean being lonely.

One of the best RV tips to remember is that being a solo traveler allows you to structure your day around what you want to do. If you have a dog to care for or are still working, you may obviously have responsibilities, but a lot of your time is your for the enjoying. Study the sights to see close to your rig or your intended camping area and do what you can to invite others to join you for an activity, especially if you’ve had the chance to chat online. If no sparks fly, you still got to enjoy something you’ve always wanted to see.

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