Your Dog’s First RV Trip

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Your dog’s first RV trip is key to establishing a safe and happy environment for your best friend. Life on the road is a lot easier than you could imagine when you start RVing with dogs and head out on the open road through Florida and beyond.

Your Dog’s First RV Trip

Whenever you are looking to head out on a trip in an RV to the beautiful campgrounds of Florida, you will find yourself facing several questions, including what to do with your pets when you are on the road. Kenneling is expensive and it can be stressful for both the dog and the parents. Most RVers elect to take the family furball along for the fun!

Get your Pet Used to Your RV

When you decide to take your pet out of their comfort zone and onto the open road in your RV, you will find yourself uprooting your own life and the life of your pets. This can be very stressful for elderly or anxious dogs. The first step to take is to make sure your pets are used to the life you are about to undertake in your RV, to hopefully avoid stressful and uncomfortable moments after you leave your home.

Get your pet used to your RV well before leaving on your trip.  Try to eat some meals in your RV alongside your pets before setting out to make sure your pet is acquainted with their new home and is comfortable eating in it. Also, make sure that they have a sleeping or special space of their own. You are taking your pet from their home to a much smaller space in your RV and it is important for them to feel like they have a safe spot until they are comfortable with traveling.

Take Some Precautions

Your Dog’s First RV Trip doesn’t have to be stressful – for you or your pet!

Although you love your pets, you may not want to see them when you are driving along the highway. One excellent RVing tip for traveling with a dog or another pet is to make sure they are secured while you are on the move. There are many attractions to be seen in Florida and you will not want to have the worry of your dog taking your attention off the road as you move through this beautiful state.

Look into a Pet ID

If you are considering RVing with dogs, you should be prepared for the eventuality of a pet making a bad decision and finding themselves lost. There are several options you can undertake to make certain of your chance to see your pet again should the worst happen. There are pet IDs similar to a driver’s license that can be carried by you to prove you own your dog should they are found. The pet ID driver’s license has a photo of your pet along with its breed, size, weight, and other important information. In addition, all dogs heading out on an RV trip should be microchipped. Make sure that the microchip company has your traveling contact information on file including a cellphone, email, and an alternative contact number if you can’t be reached. And, of course, always have the dog’s name and owner’s cell number on their tag.  If you have the information, also consider having the phone number and microchip ID number engraved on the back of your dog’s tag to make it even easier to reach you.

Take Care When Parking

Perhaps one of the most important issues to address when RVing with dogs is the problem of how to care for your pets when you are parked and temperatures rise. Florida can be incredibly hot and can reach high levels of humidity in the afternoons so making sure your dog is not in danger should be of the highest priority. If possible, park your RV in a shady location and hookup right away to start the air conditioner while you set up camp. Also, consider heat reflective window coverings to cut down on the glare of the Florida sun.

While at the Campground

When you arrive at your campground, you will not find yourself wanting to hop out and explore the beaches of Florida or the Everglades, or any of the extensive attractions. You should remember your pet does not want to spend their entire vacation in the RV and needs more than just a short walk each day to feel happy. You don’t want to leave your dog outside unattended but a tie-out line or playpen will allow your furry friend to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air with you. Most campgrounds require dogs to either be on a leash or contained so having a portable fenced-in area is a great option if plan on traveling frequently.

I hope that your dog’s first RV trip is a success! If you have any other tips, please make sure to include them in the comments below!

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