E.G. Simmons Regional Park


Located a mere three miles from Ruskin, E.G. Simmons Regional Park is one of the region’s most popular outdoor places. Sprawling across two hundred and thirty-eight acres, the park is one that calls to many people in search of a change to commune with nature in a lovely setting. Here, visitors will find open vistas, gloriously pretty shores and incredible wildlife watching opportunities. Spaces for camping are intertwined with shore area where people can go kayaking and enjoy all sorts of wonderful water-based activities. In addition to the park land itself, the area also includes another two hundred acres of mangrove swamps. That makes it easy for visitors to spot many bird species and other local area creatures who call this part of the world their home base. People who are looking for a place to go RV camping can take advantage of the fact that the park has multiple camping sites.

Fun Activities at the Park

E.G. Simmons Regional Park is a marvelous place for birders. Many different types of birds are highly visible. Of particular note are the magnificent bald eagles that can be spotted from a distance. The beautiful Roseate Spoonbill is an another endangered species that makes from thrilling watching from the shore.

The conservation park is home to the endangered Roseate Spoonbill.

The park winds through many waterways. These are often secluded and virtually hidden from view. That makes it easy to get away from the urban Tampa area and delight in the waters of the gulf. Both canoes and kayaks can be rented for a small hourly fee. People can bring their own boats and launch them from the shore. Miles of waterways make for a delightful day and a chance to escape the heat on the open waters. The waters are well maintained, making it easy to see the region’s many different types of fish.

Those who want to stay on shore can also find lots of ways to have fun. There’s a seven-hundred-foot beach. With soft, warming sand, the beach makes an ideal perch from which to relax, sunbathe or just sit back with a good novel on a weekend. People can wade in the waters and go for a swim. The waters are very gentle. That makes this well-maintained park a good choice for families with young children. When the kids are done wading in the water, they have other options on land. The park offers two playgrounds designed for children of varied ages.

E. G. Simmons Regional Park Ruskin Florida USA

Adults and kids alike can stroll along the pier and get a closer look at the waters distant from the shore. People can go fishing at any one of four piers. That makes it easy to reel in many types of fresh fish for a truly memorable meal. Hiking trails are well marked and allow for people with differing levels of fitness. Dog lovers are more than welcome to bring their favorite pet and get in some exercise with their favorite pet. Parking is plentiful and within an easy walk of the park.

Staying Overnight at E.G. Simmons Regional Park

One of the best things about the park is the opportunity to bring along your RV and stay here at night. RV camping is highly encouraged at this park. Visitors will many places to camp here. There are one hundred and three sites for campers offering a wide range of potential arrangements. Every site has 30 amp service, making for easy access to electricity. Those in need of more power will find fifty-five sites that offer 50-amp service. Sites are also designed with the needs of RV owners. Ninety-nine are over thirty feet. That makes it easy to park a vehicle and have enough room to stretch out.

E.G. Simmons Regional Park Campground map courtesy of HillsboroughCounty.org

Renting a site is easy. Fees are $24 a night. Seniors can apply for a discount, making it even more affordable. Sites offer access to the kind of amenities people need to get things done each day. Portable water is widely available. Fire pits make it easy to get dinner on the table. Picnic tables let every member of the family have fun and join in. There’s also well-kept restrooms right near each site. All the camping sites also offer showers with lots of hot water.

For more information on the park, please visit their webpage on hillsboroughcounty.org or call 813.671.7655.

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