Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex


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The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is an epic destination on Central Florida’s Space Coast. Dive into the history and future of space exploration or check out an immersive attraction in this one-of-a-kind park.

Attractions at Kennedy Space Center

The Space Center can really be best described as an educational theme park. There are 6 main buildings that each have their own themes, attractions, and fun. Each of these buildings are huge so make sure to set aside plenty of time for each.

  • Gateway – The Deep Space Launch Complex: This is a new area of the park which is dedicated to the future of space travel. Here you can discover cutting-edge innovations of space exploration from NASA and partners. The Spaceport KSC immersive ride experience features four unforgettable journeys through space. Each of the rides can take up to 30 minutes so if you want to try them all, this building alone will take you about 3 hours to experience.
  • Space Shuttle Atlantis: See the actual Atlantis orbiter that flew into space 33 times and interact with more than 60 exhibits and simulators about living and working in space.
  • Apollo/Saturn V Center: Learn about the Apollo Program while standing underneath the largest rocket ever flown, touch a moon rock, and visit the Lunar Theater for first-hand accounts of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. You have to take the KSC Bus Tour to the Center which drives past the awesome Vehicle Assembly Building.
  • Heroes & Legends: Experience the dawn of the space age with actual artifacts from astronauts and view their images in the Hall of Fame.
  • Universe Theater: Choose from one of four different educational shows on the space travel.
  • IMAX and Planet Play: Watch a space-themed movie on a 5-story IMAX screen. Multiple showings everyday give you plenty of opportunities to sit back and relax. Or let the kids burn of some steam in Planet Play, a fully immersive experience that will educate the next generation on space exploration.

Other Tips

I highly recommend stopping at the information booth before going through the gates for tips and the daily schedule. The agents here recommended that I start my day with the Bus Tour to the Apollo/Saturn V Center. This was a great suggestion and a favorite part of my day.

There are multiple dining options throughout the park each of which features a different menus. They even have options for Vegetarians/Vegans and the health-conscious at the Space Bowl Bistro in the Gateway. And adults will appreciate beer and wine on tap at Planet Play!

There are three gift stores in the park. The best, however, is The Space Shop. This is the world’s largest collection of NASA merchandise so you don’t want to miss it! Outside the shop is a great place to run into an astronaut and have your picture taken.

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