Maximize the Space in Your RV

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Whether you are spending a week in an RV or full-timing it, maximizing the space in your RV is a necessary component of the RV lifestyle.  Depending on the size of your RV, space may be somewhat limited or it could be really tight, so any steps you take to maximize the room are helpful for mobility, organization, and a serene mindset out on the road. Here are a few tips to help you maximize the space in your RV:

Stackable nesting bowls – Stackable nesting bowls are ideal because they save space. You get multiple bowls in the same space as one.

Get rid of unneeded items – The lighter you can travel, the better. While you want to be sure that you have everything you need, if you’re transporting extra items that are taking up space, consider leaving them behind. The less clutter you have in the RV, the more comfortable things are going to feel.

Keeping the RV neat and clean!

Keep the RV clean – A clean RV is more welcoming and warm than an RV that environment that isn’t properly maintained and cleaned. Make sure to schedule a time to do necessary cleaning, such as dusting, removing waste, washing dishes, and organizing things to keep everything looking orderly.

Implement storage bins – Storage bins are a flexible organizational tool that every RV owner should use. Available in multiple sizes and depths, they offer a way to store a wide variety of items in overhead storage bins, in drawers, underneath the bedding, and in closets.

Hang Up A Peg Rack – Installing a peg rack offers additional storage space for pots, pans, and other kitchen supplies or utensils from an otherwise unused wall in your RV.

Magnetic knife storage set.

Wall Mounted Magnets – Another way to maximize the storage space in your RV is to add a wall-mounted magnet to your food preparation or cooking area. This type of magnet secures all of your favorite knives, making them more accessible and freeing up valuable drawer space.

Gripper Strips For Spices – Just because you have limited storage space isn’t a good enough reason to restrict the number of herbs and spices you carry in your RV. Spice gripper strips install on the inside of cabinets and securely hold all your favorite seasonings by snapping them in. For chefs and masters of the grill, this accessory is sure to be one that keeps the kitchen or BBQ a tastier place.

Zevro wall-mounted food dispenser.

Food Dispensers Attached To The Wall – If you appreciate buying your favorite products in bulk, wall-mounted dry food dispensers offer a way to make serving items stored in the container more convenient and require less storage space. Popular items that are compatible with wall-mounted dry food dispensers include cereal, rice, pasta, trail or party mix, candies, coffee beans, legumes, nuts, and more. One of the advantages of using a food dispenser is that it automatically measures the serving size. Anyone who is being mindful of calories can get significant control over their calorie consumption and avoid overeating.

Under Shelf Storage Baskets – Under shelf storage baskets are a great way to extra storage space underneath your cupboard racks. Made of wire, and featuring dual hooks to secure the unit safely from above, these are an affordable option for RV owners to add extra storage easily.

Turn A Shoe Organizer Into A Towel Holder – The bathrooms in RVs are functional. However, they are not generally the most spacious accommodations. To help keep your RV better organized, use a hanging shoe organizer. Instead of using it to store shoes, place clean towels in each of the open compartments and hang conveniently in your storage closet space. This little trick helps to keep you more organized. When you only have one or two clean towels left, it’s time to do laundry!

Genius idea and photo credit from Kim at a Real-LifeHousewife and shared on askannamosely.com.

Hook Dispensers – Hook dispensers are an ingenious way to free up valuable drawer space in your RV. Hook dispensers allow you to access aluminum foil or plastic wrap from the wall where hung. Since these packages are relatively lengthy, keeping them out of drawers frees up this space for other needed items.

We hope these RV tips are helpful for you to maximize the space in your RV, and we wish you safe travels.

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