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Hello, I’m Roadie! I and my friends started this blog to share our knowledge of RVing, things to do, places to see and the occasional recipe. I am a born-and-raised Florida pelican. When I was a little chick, my mother and father packed up the nest.  We left the mangrove colony on Pelican Island to travel Florida in an RV. I haven’t looked back since and still love life on the road working as a mascot for the Florida RV Trade Association.

Why do I RV?

I get this question a lot… maybe it’s because I’m a pelican? Here is the short answer.

  1. RVing is convenient and comfortable. You can pack up anytime, go anywhere and the beds and amenities are way more comfortable than a nest… or tent.
  2. There are more sights to see when you take a motorhome or camping trailer around the country. In my opinion, RVing really lets you explore the underbelly of American culture.
  3. I am always mindful of my impact on the environment and RVing is eco-friendly.
  4. We pelicans are a gregarious species and I love making new friends at all the colonies..erm, campgrounds we visit.
  5. RVing allows my family to make rich memories that last a lifetime and don’t leave my wallet empty.

Who are Florida Roadies?

FLroadies are people like you who RV and love sharing their experiences as much as I do. You don’t have to be from Florida! Just join in the community and share your RV journey with the rest of us.
What do you love about RVing? Leave a comment in the blog. You can also reach me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Make sure to use #FLroadies so I can see your comments. If you see me at one of the FRVTA RV shows, grab me and let’s take a selfie!

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