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Shane and I got married and moved into our motorhome just two months ago, and the transition has been full of surprises!

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I had some serious trepidation for quite some time while we were engaged, about changing my lifestyle in such a drastic manner as moving out of a stationary, spacious apartment, into a little box on wheels, but once I resigned to the fact that to marry the man that I loved, this was what I was signing up for, I thought I was prepared.


I wasn’t, but not in the way you may think. I LOVE IT! We both do! You would think that two people who work together and share such close quarters along with their two very hairy cats would be driving each other insane within the first week, but we very quickly have learned some incredibly useful tips and tricks to keep things going smoothly and amicably.

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First off, we have a strong, mutual understanding of how important personal time and space is. At least once a week, we will spend the day apart, visiting with other friends and doing our own activities, and meet up at the end of the day to watch a movie, or have dinner together. It’s gives us a chance to miss each other and it’s been wonderful!

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Another important thing that we began right away, is having designated areas that we individually focus the most on keeping clean, and specific duties that are mostly one person or the other’s responsibility to perform. For instance, Shane takes care of cleaning the litter box and doing the dishes after meals, and I make the bed in the morning and clean the bathroom. But it’s important that we never complain if one asks the other to do one of “their tasks”.

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When things go wrong and we’re tired after a long day of traveling, or getting things serviced at a mechanic, we have found that it’s very important to unwind doing something relaxing that we enjoy together. Whether it’s watching a cheesy sitcom, or making dinner and just enjoying each other’s company, it’s always proven beneficial to our relationship with each other, and our home, to take a little time and enjoy our home.

It’s been a fun and exciting adventure so far, and we can’t wait to keep sharing with you about it!


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