Planning a Girls Night in the RV

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RVs provide much more than a way to travel and explore the beauty of the Sunshine State. They’re also great for a quick getaway, and, as the ladies all know, there’s no better getaway than a classic Girls Night. If you’re a woman looking for a memorable evening with your girlfriends, skip the lines and crazy prices at the clubs and head out with an RV. Once you reach your destination, keep in mind these RV tips for ladies looking to let loose and have an old fashioned good time.

Have a Photo Shoot

An RV trip is always a great time to take some pictures, but it’s even better when you’re spending a night with your lady loves. Don’t be afraid to make every picture a “silly one,” since your night is all about having fun, not preparing an application to a modeling agency.

A cute RV is the perfect backdrop for a girl’s photo shoot.

You’re sure to love the way the photos come out since you’ll be capturing yourselves at a moment of genuine bliss. After you’ve returned from the trip, you’ll have a record of the amazing time you had, and you’ll likely look at the pictures again and again (until you’re next girly RV adventure, that is!).

Make Some Music

A night out in nature always calls for some campfire songs, even if you don’t have a fire. If anyone in your group is even remotely musical, this is the time to put that guitar or banjo back in their hands. If you’re the one who’s been known to strum a few chords, don’t be shy!

Don’t be shy when hanging with the girls!

Your girlfriends will be supportive, and you’ll doubtless supply everyone with some truly memorable moments. And if no one in your crew can play an instrument, there’s still no reason music can’t be a central part of the experience. Nothing says “Girls Night” like a bit of karaoke. Break out a speaker, choose a favorite song (preferably from your teenage years), and belt them out into the night!

Girls Night is a Great Time to Play Silly Games

A night out with your favorite ladies calls for some serious fun and games. Don’t forget this age-old adage: the sillier the game, the greater the fun. This is the time to hearken back to your slumber party days.

When was the last time you played Ring Around the Rosie?

Believe it or not, you’re really never too old for a game of truth or dare. Other silly games include musical chairs, word association, two truths, and a lie, and “would you rather?” They might be childish, but they’re sure to have you doubled over in laughter by the end of the night.

Bring Comfort Food

Even if your entire group is composed of die-hard dieters, nights like these call for serious comfort food. Nobody makes lasting memories around a bowl of celery sticks. Make a plan before the trip, and encourage each member of the group to prepare (or purchase) something that they specialize in. Cookies, brownies, and other baked goodies make for perfect late-night snacks, while salty snacks like potato chips go down perfectly in the crisp, nocturnal air. As far as dinner goes, you can never go wrong with a party-sized pizza.

Keep the Phones Away

While a “no phones allowed” rule can seem overbearing, you really should encourage the entire group to live in the moment and keep their digital distractions to a minimum. Husbands, boyfriends, children, and parents can survive an evening without hearing from you. Try leaving phones tucked in drawers or stashed in a bag. That way, you can savor every moment of classic girl-time.

Once you’ve experienced the intimate pleasures and unbridled joys of the activities mentioned above, you’ll make a regular Girls Night a fundamental part of your RV Lifestyle. And who could blame you? After all, sometimes girls really do just want to have fun!

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