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Many people head out on road trips and vacations in their RVs. It’s a home on wheels for those adventures, giving travelers more freedom to go where their hearts take them. But for some people, the RV becomes their one and only home; their literal home on wheels. Full-time RVing has many advantages and of course, some disadvantages as well but don’t knock it before you try it. The benefits are pretty awesome by most standards. Below, find a list of the pros and cons of living life in an RV and foregoing renting or buying a traditional home.

Pros: Living the RV Lifestyle

If you’re thinking about making an RV your home on a full-time basis, the advantages are sure to make you ponder the idea even more. Some of the many advantages of living in an RV include:

  • Freedom: RV life allows you to change locations whenever you want. You’re never obligated to stay in one place for longer than you want. It’s a great option for anyone who isn’t ready to settle down and for individuals who want to explore and wander.
  • Cheaper: No mortgage. No energy bills. No homeowners’ insurance. The savings offered when you live in an RV allow you to have money left over every month and actually do the things that you love. Living in an RV is certainly cheaper than living in a home.
  • Travel: Travel is simple when you live in an RV. Whenever you’re ready to see another sight or destination, simply crank up the RV and head out. Traveling to your favorite destinations is easier, oftentimes offering more sightseeing excitement than you’d otherwise experience.
  • Neighbors: Feuding neighbors disrupt neighborhoods throughout America on a daily basis. No longer will neighbors cause concern, since moving away from anyone you dislike or don’t get along with is easy. For anyone who isn’t keen on groups of people and neighbors, RVing provides the answer.
  • Sell the RV: Should you ever decide that you want to buy or rent a home and get off the road, selling the RV is simple. Thousands of people drive RVs to their destinations every year. Selling an RV is simple. This is one of the best RV tips you need!
  • Versatility: When you live in an RV, you can experience life in many areas of the country! You’ll meet new people along the way as well and can make friends from across the country. Versatility really is the spice of life.

Cons of the RV Lifestyle

Don’t forget to weigh the disadvantages associated with full-time RVing, since there are considerations. The disadvantages can include:

  • Repairs: It’s inevitable that your RV will eventually need repairs, especially if it is an older model. The average RV is driven 3,500-miles annually. Residing in an RV on a full-time basis can triple those miles. RV repairs can be expensive, depending on the issue. Preventive maintenance is mandatory if you make life in your RV. If you are someone who procrastinates maintaining your vehicles or home repairs, this could become an issue.
  • Friends: You won’t have the opportunity to build friend groups or participate in community activities when you’re on the road. While there is an opportunity to make new friends, it’s certainly much different than what you’re accustomed to. A solution, however, is to build an RV Community of other RVers and meet up throughout the year and different locations.  Check our blog on Building Your RV Community for more information.
  • Healthcare: Regular doctors and health care providers aren’t easy to find if you live life on the road. Finding insurance can also be a challenge without a permanent address.
  • Parking: In some areas, finding RV parking can be a challenge. The cost of parking varies, although some campgrounds offer daily, weekly, and monthly rates. RV Campground membership packages can help mitigate the cost, however, but you definitely need to plan in advance to make sure that you have a spot in some of the more popular destinations.
  • Family: There isn’t a lot of time to see family back home if you live full-time in an RV unless they have enough space for you to park at their home.  If so, this becomes a PRO!
  • Privacy: Privacy may also become an issue in some campgrounds. Barking dogs and close spaces are oftentimes a problem. Additionally, if you travel in an RV with your spouse or others, privacy amongst each other may become sparse. If you love being close, however, this can also be a PRO!
  • Meals: Expect to dine out at fast food joints and restaurants more often than ordinary if you call an RV home on a full-time basis. Alternatively, get creative and find easy one-pot meals and learn to cook in a smaller space!

Enjoy Life on the Road With These RV Tips

Before trading in homelife for life in an RV, consider the above pros and cons. Write out lists of each, adding your own pros and cons and details of why you like or dislike the idea. The RV that you travel in impacts comfort and happiness as well. Decide if a larger RV with plenty of space for a smaller, easier to navigate RV is best for you.

Life in an RV can be great, but it takes a lot of preparation and planning to make sure that you are ready. With a bit of time and prep, however, this new lifestyle can certainly be the one for you!

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