Rainy Day Activities

RV Lifestyle

Rainy day activities may not seem like a priority when RVing in Florida. On average, however, there are 119 overcast or rainy days every year in Orlando, Florida which makes having a stash of ready-to-go fun a priority! Cozy up in your camper and get ready for a great day!

Creative Cookery

Start your rainy day fun by trying out a new recipe or a tried-and-true favorite. Keep a box of your favorite brownie or cookie mix in the cabinet so you are always prepared for a day indoors. If you feel like experimenting, scroll through some of our recipes and give it a go!

Literary Endeavors

Sit down with a hot cup of tea or coffee, a fresh baked treat, and a great book or your journal. Travel books are a great way to enjoy your day and helps with my next favorite rainy day activity. Penzu has a free online journal with a web app which makes it easy to write your epic memoir on a whim. This is even more enjoyable in bed of course so don’t bother making it today!

Adventure Planning

Break out the maps! A rain day is the perfect time to start plotting your next adventure! There are great travel options online but there is something about holding a large atlas in your hands that really awakens the wanderlust in us all. Rand McNally is the gold standard; it is worth the space to keep one around.

Organizing Your Space

Meticulous souls rejoice!

A rainy day is perfect for digging through drawers and cabinets to organize your worldly possessions. When traveling or living in an RV, space is at a premium so re-organizing and pulling out unneeded items for donation is always a great way to spend the day. According to the experts, if you haven’t used it in a year, you most likely never will so don’t hang onto something ‘just in case’.

Data Clean-up

Somehow hard drives get messy as quickly as the RV! Make sure that all files, photos and videos are organized and backed-up to the cloud to ensure ease of access and data safety.  It is also a good idea to routinely uninstall unnecessary programs from your computer to keep it operating as quickly as possible.  Also check the startup items to make sure that a program was added to the startup routine that doesn’t need to be running. This activity is also a great one for that unmade bed!

Creative Pursuits

Creative projects are one of the best rainy day activities for unwinding.  Whether your passion is making fly fishing lures, jewelry-making, drawing or playing a musical instrument, now is the time to let loose and enjoy! Wannabe photography buff? Break out the manual and start learning all the settings on your camera that you haven’t had time to try.

Florida is the sunshine state but we hope that you feel inspired to snuggle up and enjoy some of our favorite rainy day activities!



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