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This world is forever changing. This concept applies to every aspect of society, even the world of Rving. Things in the RV world are changing and changing fast. Do you feel it? We have felt the tremors inside the RV world. There’s a movement or a shift in the RV world. A new wave of RVers is starting, slowly, to embrace this wonderful lifestyle. So who are these newbies? They are a much younger and diverse group of people.

Many of us are what I would call “seasoned” campers. This means that we have been out camping on more than a few occasions. But do you remember what it was like the first time you went out camping in your RV? Not knowing how each and every button or switch in your RV works? Do you remember what it was like on your first family solo RV trip?

Recently we had the pleasure to going RVing with one such family on their first outing. It was an inspirational learning experience for all of us. We went along as their “RV experts “, but we came away learning so much about this lifestyle, each other, another culture, and maybe more importantly ourselves.

Meet the Patel family….

rving with newbies

Tia and Darshana made fast friends in the gym. After sharing her love for RVing, Tia was greeted with the statement many RVers have heard time and time again, ” I always wanted to go RVing!”.  But this time Darshana meant it. She listened so intently when Tia shared how much RVing has meant to our family, soaking up every word.  Before we knew it, they planned a local camping trip to Stone Mountain campground.

Darshana and her husband Ram arrived with their family. Ram was eager to learn everything about the RV. I walked him through basics of connecting the sewer, water and electric. After the RV was all set up, his son couldn’t wait to get out and play with our boys. The boys found a open field filled with fallen Autumn leaves. As we passed by to check on the boys, we could hear them imagining themselves landing on a distant planet where they needed to make a fort out of those very leaves.

rving with newbies 2

rving with newbies 3

rving with newbies 4

Doesn’t every kid love S’mores?

sharing the wonderful world of rving


RVing and camping with new people typically give all of us a chance to get to know and experience new things. Camping with the Patel’s we shared a traditional Indian meal of bhaji pav. Now I’m not adventurous when it comes to trying new foods, but I dove right in to give it a try. It’s was a little spicy but good.

rving with newbies

One of my favorite aspects of RVing is meeting new people and camping with this wonderful family opened our eyes to many things. First, we were the experts and it was really nice to be able to help these newbies learning about RVing.

sharing the wonderful world of rving

Secondly, we got to try new food and learn about a totally different culture. Lastly, and most importantly, it reinforced that even through we were born and raised in different parts of the world, people are really all the same.

sharing the wonderful world of rving

So if you get a chance to take a newbie RVing, do it. You’re sure to learn things about them and yourselves. Pay it forward….

Keith and Tia Sims

Soulful RV Family

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