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Florida Food Tour

The sunshine state is so much more than its world famous theme parks, offering some of the best cuisines in America. Being a melting pot of different cultures from Caribbean to Southern, and from Spanish to American, the food quality in Florida is simply impeccable. If you want to really get a taste of Florida, going on a quality RV camping tour may just be for you. Among all the amazing dishes to try, what many people travel to the state to try would be their amazing seafood. On every inch of Florida, you will be surprised to find some of the best seafood finds in the world.

Florida Food Tour – Seafood

The close proximity of Florida to the Caribbean has influenced the states dishes tremendously when it comes to seafood in the best way possible. The popular shrimp and grits that can be found at Harry’s Seafood in St Augustine is renowned for being some of the best in America. This mouthwatering Southern dish combines fresh shrimp and creamy grits which originates from a Creole culinary tradition. This hearty dish is then topped with a mix of various herbs and spices.

Hollywood Florida is the perfect spot to delve into the delicious Peruvian dishes of Runa’s Peruvian Cuisine. The difference of seafood dishes for Spanish culture is quite significant using various other types of spices that make the seafood irresistibly good. One of their most popular dishes is the Tiradito Corvina La Brasa which contains salsa, seared sesame mahi-mahi fish topped with yellow pepper sauce and sweet potatoes. The juices that ooze out of the fish is to die for, and the freshness is exactly what Florida is known for. The best part is that this fine dining experience will not break your wallet with the dishes being sold at quite affordable prices.

The Florida Keys in itself is worth driving up to with your RV, as the level of freshness when it comes to seafood you will experience is like nothing in the world. A popular joint you have to visit is the Lazy Lobster Seafood Restaurant. The fresh local seafood is caught daily with options of seafood that will satisfy any seafood lover’s heart. Their lobster Thermidore is probably their most sought after menu item, consisting of fresh lobster, drenched in mustard, mushrooms, shallot white sauce, and topped with a generous amount of parmesan cheese.

If you’re in the mood for a more casual laid back seafood experience, then heading over to Tampa’s Shells seafood restaurant should be your next stop. Their sautéed mussels are probably their most beloved menu item served with a full pound of mussels sautéed with a ton of onions, tomatoes, and seafood broth. The entire menu does not have dishes sold $20, making it the perfect place to go to if you’re on a budget but still want some delicious seafood.

Although filled with a ton of restaurants, Orlando still has quite an array of authentically delicious seafood restaurants you should try. Located in the picturesque Sand Lake, Florida, the Melting Pot restaurant offers the epitome of a fine dining experience. You can create your own 4 course meal experience and choose what dishes you want to pair your seafood with. The options are quite endless, and though the price range is a bit up there, the food experience is well worth it. Their Keywest shrimp dish and salmon options are absolutely divine, with cooking techniques perfected to a T. You will definitely leave this dining experience with your jaw dropped, as everything is made with utmost culinary professionalism.

Lastly, the beautiful Miami offers so much more than the world’s greatest night life scene, with seafood that can likely compete with michelin star rated restaurants. Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami offers some of the best crab dishes in the state. One of their most popular menu items would have to be the Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes. These crab cakes are like nothing you have ever tasted before, with a flaky exterior and tender soft juicy insides, you will never want to go back regular crab cakes again.

Feeding your foodie soul in the state of Florida is definitely not a task you have to worry about. Whether you end up going South, East, or more toward Central Florida, you will surely be able to stumble upon some delicious seafood cuisines. Don’t wait any longer to plan your RV tour to taste all that Florida has to offer.

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