How Seniors Can Drive Their RV Safely

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Getting away in an RV is something that people treasure, as it brings them freedom and independence to go where they want when they want. However, as we grow older, it can be hard to admit that we don’t have the same reflexes or dexterity as we did when we were younger. When you combine this with driving a vehicle as large as an RV, it can lead to devastating consequences, with people losing their lives. The Center for Disease Control says that there are more than 40 million drivers aged 65 and over driving in the United States and that more than 236,000 had to be treated by emergency departments after suffering an injury in motor vehicle crashes. So, what can be done to allow seniors to keep their keys, and improve their safety when driving on the road?

Why Are Senior Drivers at Risk?

Some might think it’s strange that people who have most likely been driving the longest are more dangerous on the roads than teenagers. However, it’s precisely because of advanced age that seniors, unfortunately, become a risk to other road users, as well as pedestrians. As we age, our bodies don’t function like they used to, and sometimes this can catch people unawares. For instance, your eyesight can become worse, making it harder for you to focus on upcoming objects or hazards in the distance. This can be made worse by the lower visibility at night, or the bright sun during the day. Like your eyesight, your hearing can also be a problem, and could potentially prevent you from hearing things like sirens from ambulances or police cars.

How Can Seniors Be Safer on The Roads in Their RVs?

It may sound like doom and gloom, but there are ways seniors can be safer when driving. Firstly, it’s advised that seniors driving RVs enroll in a driving course that is specifically tailored towards driving such a vehicle. Driving an RV is riskier than a normal car in a lot of ways, mostly due to the size of the vehicle. They are tall, long and heavy. As an RV is so much larger, the potential for it to be able to do damage is also greater, making it essential that you’re able to keep control when you’re driving. Plus, a driving course can help refresh your driving skills, and you could also meet new people.

Other than a driving course, you can warm up before driving, giving you some extra energy and flexibility. Staying away from driving at night is also recommended. You should make sure you are aware of your surroundings, and share the road. Even if you are driving in accordance with the laws and regulations, others might not be.

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