St Augustine Ghost Hunting for Beginners


A ghoulishly good time

Tolomato Cemetery. Photo credit floridahistoriccoast.com.

Imagine, the sun is sinking on historic St. Augustine, Florida, and an eery fog creeps across the land, leaving only the barest sliver of moon to light your path. As you and your fellow explorers gingerly approach a lone trolley car to begin your ghost hunting expedition, you hear your paranormal tour guide howl, “All aboard!” What sorts of spooky specters await? Where will your haunted adventures take you?

Phantasmic fun

As a world-renowned historical destination, St. Augustine offers a wide range of ghost tours. You could begin your ghost hunting expedition by embarking on Ghosts & Graveyards’ Old Jail tour. The promise of bone-shaking scares await. Whether it was from the hangman’s noose or a sudden shiv in the back, many Old Jail inmates encountered a chilling demise behind those spooked bars. As you and your compatriots stalk the steps of these departed criminals, you may feel a strange chill running up your spine, hear a clamor and bang from beyond, or even sight an unholy apparition. This chilling caper is sure to haunt your memories for years to come.

Huguenot Cemetery. Photo credit ghosttrainadventure.com.

If visiting a paranormal prison doesn’t whet your appetite, Ghosts & Graveyards also offers a nocturnal visit to their Potter’s Wax Museum. This ghost museum presents guests with the opportunity to hear a spooky recounting of the execution of infamous pirate Andrew Ranson.

For the ghost hunter searching for a more spirited scare, Ghost Tours of St. Augustine Inc. gives vacationers the chance to explore the sites of spirits while visiting pubs to enjoy their favorite spirits. With a Pub Scout & Ghost Hunting Guide at the helm, ghost hunters will haunt a number of spiritual sites and even learn how to operate real paranormal equipment. Along the way, participants will be regaled with historic lore from each pub along the tour. To top off the experience, your first drink is included with the price of your ticket.

The renowned Ghost Bar at Scarlett O’Hara’s. Photo credit visitstaugustine.com.

Overall, St. Augustine has supernatural thrills for every kind of visitor. From pub crawls to derelict prisons, each ghoulish adventure will delight you with every manner of unearthly scare.

Haunts and hikes

When you’re not seeking sights from the great beyond, St. Augustine boasts a wide array of vacation opportunities. This historical destination plays host to a number of historic sites, including the Castillo de San Marcos and the Fort Matanzas National Monument. In addition, spots like the St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum and the Medieval Torture Collection open a rare window into a bygone era of swashbuckling privateers and torturous torments.

After exploring the haunts and hideouts of this historical destination, vacationers can retire to Anastasia State Park for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. This public site includes spots for RV camping and tent camping. Every camp site offers a fire ring, picnic table, an in-ground grill, electricity and water. Whether you are tent camping or RV camping, you won’t lack for all the comforts of home.

While you’re enjoying your nature retreat, you can participate in a number of activities, including, but not limited to, kayaking, bird watching, bicycling, swimming, and hiking. Anastasia State Park, home to 1600 acres of thriving ecosystems and a wealth of wildlife, is a great spot for any traveler.

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