Avoiding the Coronavirus

Tips & Tools

Coronavirus is the current hot-topic and everyone is trying to avoid coming into contact with the contagion. Its been well-documented that anywhere that a large number of people congregate, there is a much higher potential of catching any number of creepy-crawlies that can lead to some serious downtime, or worse, a life-threatening situation. Traveling creates many opportunities for being exposed to the Coronavirus among other illnesses.

The CDC has a complete list of steps that you can take to avoid the Coronavirus but if you want to do something more, RVing maybe your best option. You can use the RV at your home as an isolation unit or as a safe home-on-wheels if necessary travel is required.  RVing provides a clean environment for you and your family and minimizes your contact with the germs that are found in airports, hotels, and other public locations such as rest stops if traveling by car.  If you are an essential employee and travel is necessary, an RV provides all the comforts of home and minimal exposure to conditions and contagions. And for essential employees like doctors, nurses, and first-responders, an RV either at the job or at home keeps their family safe while they are working to fight the outbreak.

If you or a loved one is already sick, staying at home in an RV may be the perfect option. You can be isolated but have everything you need within easy reach including a bathroom and a full kitchen. Some RVs even have house-sized refrigerators so you can store plenty of supplies for your isolation time.

If you don’t own an RV and are interested in possibly purchasing one, we have a list of RV Dealerships in Florida.  Apply your location filter to narrow the list or scroll through the pages at the bottom of the screen to see them all.

If you aren’t in a position to purchase an RV or want to try one out before purchasing, check out our list of RV Rental Facilities in Florida that would be happy to help you select the perfect rental to isolate during the Coronavirus.

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