The Allure of a Retro RV

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Ahh… the allure of a Retro RV. It is hard not to notice a shiny Airstream driving down the road or a bold red and white camper parked by the lake. Perhaps that is why there are more and more retro style campers and RVs showing up on the RV scene.

The best part about retro campers is that you can still enjoy all of the modern conveniences, but with the extra pizazz and style from earlier eras.

You can buy a retro RV or vintage RV, or if you are handy and want to take on the challenge, you can fix yours up to look vintage. Whether you are decorating an RV from the ground up or you simply want to add some fun retro touches to your preexisting décor, the key is on the colors and patterns you choose. Think of bright colors and bold designs. Colors such as mustard yellow, brown, red, and avocado green are popular colors, and the more colors, the better. Tie-dye, paisley, and checkered fabrics are also a great pick when trying to achieve the retro look.

A Retro RV in an eye-catching color.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and to mix and match patterns and colors. You will also want to incorporate lots of textures. Add a jute hanging plant, and shag rugs along with velvet pillows. You could even add tassels and pom pom trim to curtains and throw pillows.

If you are a dedicated retro enthusiast, you may consider purchasing a mood-setting RV. A benefit of buying an RV that is already made to look retro is that you don’t have to do anything but move in and enjoy the atmosphere. Riverside RV has a line of brand new retro-feel trailers so you can have all of the modern amenities AND an eye-catching retro design.

Riverside RV’s retro-cool trailer.

Decorating a newer RV to look Retro inside is another fun option. Every detail and decision will be solely up to you. This is important because you want your space to be fun yet relaxing since it is your getaway vessel for your vacations. It won’t be much fun or enjoyable if you hate the lighting or the colors. If you have a vintage car that you will use to tow your classic camper behind, you could even paint it to match to complete the retro look.

A fun play on color and pattern in a Retro RV interior decor.

Another benefit to creating your own vintage RV is that it may be easier to stay within budget. Even if everything that you want costs more than your budget initially, you can always add things along the way when you get a little extra cash. Decorating is never really done, and it is fun to add new items over the years.

You can buy many retro items in antique stores or on online stores such as eBay. Finding your retro treasures is half the fun. You could even buy a new vintage souvenir from every place that you travel to add a bit of sentimental value to your RV.

If you don’t want to blend in with all the other campers, a retro RV is a great way to stand out. It is a really fun style that is coming back in so many ways. People are decorating their homes with retro-inspired colors and patterns, and the style of clothing is even making a comeback. Some will argue that it never really went out of style in the first place.

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