Tips to Organizing / Planing Your Summer Vacation

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We all want to make the most of our summer travel time. These tips will help you make the most of your next summer vacation.


Start planning well in advanceWe start our summer trip planning months in advance. Planning a summer getaway in the middle of winter helps those dreary winter days pass a bit faster. Together as a family we sit down and pick a few options for possible trip destinations. Last summer we all agreed to do a Mount Rushmore trip. This summer we wanted to celebrate the NPS 100th birthday and will be  visiting a few NPS including Arcadia National park.

tips to organizing summer vacation

Checking in at Acadia National Park Visitors Center

Give yourself optionstry to pick 2-3 different possible destinations. Research each destination as well as the journey to that destination. What things can you stop and do and see along the way? Does one route speak to you more than the other destinations?  It will make it easier to narrow you list down to the best final destination that fits better within your travel plans.

Which place should we go? So many great choices….

tips on planning summer vacation
Divide and Conquer  – My wife Tia not only loves to drive to RV, but she is much more organized than I am. We divide the duties on our trip planning. She tends to focus on the educational aspect of the trip of the kids homeschooling. This includes visiting children’s museums, science museums as well as historical sites. Me, I’m all about the adventure and fun. I want to take the boys out to explore the area.  We love to zip line, hike, kayak, you name it.

tips on planning summer vacation 3

tips on planning summer vacation

Research, Research, and Research againThere are so many different resources to help plan your trip. I recommend that you use multiple sources to check and recheck ratings. Our favorites are websites like Trip advisor, campgroundoftheweek.com , rvparkreviews.com, and Good Sam’s. Also RV podcasts or blogs can be useful, but keep in mind that’s one person’s opinion of their personal experience.

Written – KOA campground guidebook, Good Sam book, Idiot’s guide to RV vacations, Passport America campground.

tips on planning summer vacation 5

Some of our favorite choices to help plan our trips


Prepare properlyTake the time to make sure that you have packed or rented the things you need to make sure you trip goes smoothly. Some people like written packing lists, there’s smartphone apps to help you pack for your trips.

Time to load up the RV..Check the list so we don’t forget anything

tips on planning your summer vacation 6

We do some basic meal planning to ensure time is not wasted on vacations hunting for supermarkets or eating out on junk food.


Remember when you travel in an RV …

“the journey is as important and the destination”


See you out on the road..

Soulful RV Family


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