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The Top 5 RV Movies – Don’t Miss These Must-See Road Flicks!

In the modern age, even the most off the grid RV aficionados are finding ways to immerse themselves in entertainment on the road. Whether you choose to roll out the projector for a movie night in the great outdoors or curl up in the comfort of your RV, a great film can take your RV experience from good to great! Keep reading to see our top picks for the best RV movies of all time!

 #5 – RV (2006)

Robin Williams shines in this family comedy. Boasting a star-studded cast including Jojo and the hilarious Kristen Chenoweth, RV effortless captures and exaggerates the family dysfunction that is so often present in adventures on the road. Williams portrays Bob, a father determined to bring his rebellious teens back into the family fold. This leads the family on the RV trip of a lifetime with plenty of hilarious bumps in the road along the way!

 #4 – The Long, Long Trailer (1953)

A classic, to be sure, The Long, Long Trailer is an excellent choice for some good, clean fun on movie night. Lucille Ball steals the show as the on-screen wife of Desi Arnaz as they purchase a travel trailer set off on a cross-country trip. Despite already starring together in the iconic television series I Love Lucy, Arnaz and Ball found success on the big screen with this remarkable road flick.

 #3 – Lost in America (1985)

Lost in America is a film that invites audiences to think more deeply about the American experience. Albert Brooks stars as a disgruntled advertising professional who persuades his wife (portrayed by Julie Hagerty) to set her own career aside and set out on a cross-country trip in a Winnebago. The couple’s stop in Las Vegas gives this film an introspective twist on traditional road tropes when the loss of their savings causes them to reevaluate the important things in life.

 #2 – The Leisure Seeker (2017)

Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland shine as married couple John and Ella Spencer in The Leisure Seeker. A more somber twist on the genre, The Leisure Seeker centers on John and Ella’s last road trip. Their goal is to make it from Boston to the Florida Keys before their respective medical conditions make it impossible to do so. While not as lighthearted as the other offerings on this list, The Leisure Seeker is a thought-provoking and sentimental masterpiece that should not be missed!

 #1 –  (2013)

Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis are at their absolute funniest in We’re the Millers. This outrageous comedy turns the family road trip genre on its head. The “Millers” are, in fact, not a family at all. In the film, four strangers pose as a family in order to transport illegal drugs from Mexico in an RV. While this RV movie certainly isn’t for the whole family, it can make for a fun end to a long day of driving for the adults!

Enjoy the Best RV Movies on Your Next Trip!

While the scenic views of the Floridian open road are entertainment in their own right, you’ll want to make sure there isn’t a dull moment on your next RV trip! Any of these fantastic films will liven up your trip and make sure everyone is a happy camper. So, what are you waiting for? Grab one of these great RV movies, pick up some popcorn, and get ready to hit the road!

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