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Shopping for a new RV and not sure which model is best for you? The RV lifestyle is as varied as people are but regardless of who you are, you can bet that there is an RV that is perfect for you! With that in mind, let’s talk about people who would fit well with the Class B RV lifestyle and why that would be a great choice for them. We’ll go over some RV tips and RV shopping ideas also.

What is a Class B RV?

For starters, what is a Class B RV? This type of RV is the smallest of the RV family. It is basically a cargo van. Depending on what you need or want, you can get one that has nothing more than very nice amenities within the confines of the original parameters of the van itself. There are also Class B RVs that are fully decked out with every amenity that you can think of all intelligently packaged in a small space.

A newer model Class B RV van is very nice inside but they can also be more expensive than a larger Class C. For a van that can park in the same parking lot as a normal car, prices for a new one can be significantly more than your average van. But it’s like anything else, you get what you pay for and in an RV, you want as many bells and whistles as you can get! As was mentioned just a moment ago, the average Class B RV will park just about anywhere a normal car will park. That is great for convenience’s sake. But, within that package, they can come with some very nice amenities. Just about anything you can imagine can be worked into these motorhomes in some way or another.

Traveling in a motor home is a great way to see Florida. From the gulf coast to the space coast and all the way down to the keys. Enjoy the travels and may they be enjoyable!

How Do I Know if a Class B is Right for Me?

What kind of people normally purchase a class B motorhome? Clearly, you’re not going to put a family with four children in one of these RV’s. However, an older couple whose children have already moved out or maybe a young couple who doesn’t have children might be a perfect fit for a class B. If you are a single person then you would fit very easily into one of these motorhomes. But, even a family with two parents and two small children might be able to fit nicely. A small sized dog would be a good addition to it too.

A Class B is a great option for a couple!

One of the main selling points of a Class B RV is the ease of driving and operating the vehicle. If you have ever driven a large SUV or Van, you are already comfortable driving a Class B! And when you are traveling, these babies are all about convenience! Unlike a larger motorized RV or pulling a tow-behind, when you are driving a Class B, you can pretty much go anywhere a car can. Need to navigate a crowded city street or stop at the grocery? No problem!

Tips to Consider When Shopping

Some tips to consider when thinking about a Class B motorhome. A person considering such a purchase needs to consider where they want to take it, what they need or want in it and on it and also how much they are willing to spend. Perhaps that last one should be first. Anyways, when thinking about this consider where you want to take it. Will you be going on rough roads? Perhaps even dirt roads? Then think about what kind of engine, tires, and suspension system you will need. If you are going to take it way off the beaten track make sure you can have the equipment to handle it.

Getting off the beaten track is much easier in a Class B!

When you’re thinking about what type of amenities you want on the motorhome and you already know you are going to be off-grid, then make sure you have the ability to cook and power your RV on solar power. It might cost you a bit more but it will be completely worth it. With solar power, you don’t have to stop just because the road ends. After having thought about all these things you then have to decide what fits in your budget. Again, these RVs range from economical to quite pricey. Decide carefully what you can do and then act appropriately.

Seeing Florida from an RV is a wonderful way to go. From the Gulf Coast to the Space Coast and all the way down to the Florida Keys, the RV lifestyle goes hand in hand with all Florida has to offer.

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