What is the RV Lifestyle?

RV Lifestyle

There are basically two types of people in this world—–people that think RV living is a crazy, insane lifestyle, and those who love the freedom and sense of adventure that come with RV living.

The RV lifestyle is rich with entertainment, variety, and a craving for new and exciting experiences. While living in an RV might not be for everyone, the die-hards who love it and live it, letting incredible stories unfold that have inspired others to get on the road and start exploring.

What is so awesome about the RV lifestyle?

There are several reasons that people gravitate toward adventure:

  1. It is possible to explore new places and beautiful locations in the comfort of your home. You get to bring all the comforts of home with you as you see the world. Looking at beautiful views and beautiful landscapes from the comfort of a living room window is a one-of-a-kind experience.
  1. Being able to chase and to see all the seasons, to pack up and go when bored, and to see friends and family across the country is something to be cherished. Embracing teaching and learning, being an entrepreneur and living a freer life is truly invigorating.
  1. Life on the road is a bit simpler than putting down roots. It allows you to see places you want to see and experience local cultures across the country, and it broadens your horizons with respect to what life has to offer.
  1. RV-ing is a much cheaper way to travel than hotels and airfare. It is possible to find ideal places to park and camp for a fraction of the cost of a nightly hotel stay. RV-ing also gives you the option to cook your own meals; this is both time-saving and money-saving, not to mention kinder to your waistline!
  1. Living this nomadic lifestyle opens you up to many more job opportunities. The opportunity to work remotely, to design your own career, and to be creative when it comes to generating sources of income is a magical process. Breaking free from the 9 to 5 is quite liberating!

Family time with the kids is even better in an RV!

RV tips…..are you ready to make the transition?

One of the best ways to begin making the transition to the transient lifestyle is to start the process of eliminating your debts. Simplifying your lifestyle by selling what you don’t need and cleaning up debt will allow you to live and leave freely. This process requires a bit of thought—have a conversation with those that this decision will affect, and see what they would be willing to let go of in favor of a more nomadic lifestyle.

Make a list of your new budget needs—-your needs will change as you move about. Camping fees, maintenance costs, fuel, food, and traveling expenses will take the forefront at this time. Getting rid of that lawnmower, canceling your landscaping service, and leaving some of your homeowners’ expenses behind will shift your priorities toward thinking about your new way of life.

Plan your route according to what you are willing to deal with. If you don’t like cold and snowy environments, why would you travel north in November and December? Your new home is on wheels, after all–you can choose to go wherever you’d like, according to what you would like to experience. The RV world is yours for the taking!

One of the most important RV tips you can take advantage of is to find other RV individuals and families who have experience living this type of lifestyle. They are likely to become allies, good friends, and companions on your journey toward RV living. Take their advice on where to stay, what to see, and even what to purchase to make life on the road easy, comfortable, and exciting. In no time at all, you’ll be traveling the country, living an exhilarating life, and participating in daily adventures that might not have been yours without your RV!

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