Florida RV SuperShow Shopping Tips

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If you like the idea of RVing, but don’t know how to get started, visit an RV Show. RV shows are a great way meet your local dealerships, familiarize yourself with the latest RV models, schedule a test drive, and meet other RVers. The Florida RV SuperShow rolls into the Florida State Fair Grounds in Tampa every January. The SuperShow is unique in that it also gives you a glimpse into the RV lifestyle. However, if you are new to RVing, it can be a little overwhelming so here a few tips.

Create a Game Plan

Unlike the regional shows, comprising of local-only RV dealers and explorable in just a few hours, the Florida RV SuperShow is HUGE!! RV manufacturers and dealers from all around the globe gather at the SuperShow, so it’s pretty easy to be overwhelmed and get lost if you arrive without a game plan.

Before your visit, check out the frvta.org website. There, you can easily find a handy map of the super show and a directory listing all of the dealers, manufacturers, and vendors at the show. Planning the vendors you’d like to visit and the routes you’re going to take ahead of time can allow you to explore the show in an efficient manner.  Check out www.frvta.org/show/florida-rv-supershow/ for more info!  

Mark Your Calendar

Trying to experience the Florida RV SuperShow in a day is like trying to do Disney in a day. Is it possible? Yes, but it is much more enjoyable if you plan at least two of the four days to see the seminars, shop the show and experience the entertainment.

Roadie Tip: Wear comfortable shoes and bring sunscreen.

The Early Bird….

Gets to avoid the crowds. The Florida RV SuperShow draws a ton of people, get there early so you can have time to explore your dream RV alone or a quiet conversation with your dealer.

Document the Experience

It’s easy to get overloaded with information, so take notes. If you see an RV that you like, get a few shots of the interior/exterior and make notes of the pros and cons. That way, when returning home, you have a point of reference. If you’re working a deal with one of the sales associates, take their picture and put their contact information on your phone. That way you don’t risk losing their business card.

Have you been to the Florida RV SuperShow? What are your RV show shopping tips?  

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