Bring it All With You in a Large Travel Trailer

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If you’re traveling with a family, you’re going to need space. Everyone will need a spot for their gear, toys, sleeping space, and your sanity. Keeping folks too crowded will lead to conflicts, but with a large travel trailer, you can make travel fun and peaceful.

Large RV Formats

There are several large RV formats that can work for a family or large group. A Class A RV is a self-contained vehicle that can keep large groups comfortable. However, this form of travel is limited in that you have to take the house with you anytime you want to go anywhere.

Any large RV will take some getting used to. Whether you’re renting or buying, make sure you take your RV out into an empty lot to get the feel of taking off, accelerating, and braking. Be very careful about your turning radius; spend the time practicing to get a feel for your vehicle, no matter the format.

Trailers offer more flexibility. Just pull into your campsite, level things up, unhook, and run errands or visit a special spot. With a trailer, you’ll have the chance to split up the party, leave some folks “home” and take others out for a change in scenery.

Types: Bumper Pull Travel Trailer Vs. Fifth-Wheels

Large trailers come in both Fifth-Wheel and bumper pull styles. A Fifth-Wheel trailer is built on a gooseneck trailer and has to be hauled with a pickup that has a 5th wheel plate in the bed. It should be noted that this large travel trailer often offers more height in the center of the RV, though the front bedroom may be a bit short. If you’re going on the road long-term, this may be a consideration.

Many travel trailers can be pulled with a larger SUV. Make sure to ask your dealer if your vehicle is rated to tow the trailer of your choice!

If you don’t want to invest in a fifth-wheel plate or a pickup, for that matter, some large bumper pull trailers can be pulled by an SUV. With a large SUV as a towing vehicle, you will have more out-of-the-weather storage space, the chance to haul more people, and more flexibility when you get your towing vehicle home.

Another consideration is the floor levels.  Fifth-Wheels have an extra level above its hitching system which is traditionally the master bedroom. This area is accessed via stairs. If you have any type of injury or issues with walking, the stairs can create quite a problem. A large travel trailer, however, gives you almost the same amount of space but it is all on one floor making it easy to navigate.

The final consideration is of course price! A large entry-level travel trailer is going to be less expensive than an entry-level Fifth-Wheel. In addition, you may not have the expense of purchasing a new tow vehicle as many larger travel trailers can be pulled with your family SUV.

A Travel Trailer is Great for the Florida RV Life

The great state of Florida is made for vacationing! Your large travel trailer will make beach life, especially in the winter, a real joy. If you’re traveling with a large group, make sure that there are at least two drivers in the party so drivers can get frequent breaks, stretch out, or get some rest while on the road. RV travel is fun, but it isn’t fast, so you may not get to your destination at the time or even on the day you expect.

A large Travel Trailer provides plenty of space for the whole family!

If you’re traveling with kids, make sure you bring items that can be used for fun that don’t require an internet connection. Depending on your campsite choice and any weather that might blow up, you may not always find great service. If you’re staying at a park, make sure you get the wi-fi password from the front office. If you’re boondocking, plan to use your smartphone hotspot if you have to have internet.

Florida RV life means you’re going to be dealing with moisture. Open windows and vents to keep air moving. Leave lids on pots while your food cooks. Consider investing in an electric dehumidifier to keep moisture levels down in your RV. If condensation or moisture appears after a shower or after you cook, make sure to wipe down all damp surfaces.


A family RV trip can be a life-changing experience for the entire clan. Time spent together on the road is something you and your family will never forget. Choose the travel trailer and towing vehicle that works best for your life, and have fun!

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