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Why Tiny Homes are So Popular Now

20 years ago, tiny homes didn’t exist, at least not as a lifestyle decision! The American dream meant big and bigger. There was the big house with the white picket fence, the nice cars, the private schools for the kids, and the latest in fashion. However, after downfalls in the economy and student loan debt, that dream for many Americans became a nightmare. People became disillusioned with aspects of the American dream and its connection to happiness then opted out. They began to wake up and realize that the acquisition of more stuff really didn’t bring the joy that the American dream made them believe it would. On the contrary, it became increasingly less stressful to possess less.

In its place, a movement formed: that of the tiny homes. When people discovered that they didn’t need all of that stuff to live life to the fullest, downsizing became popular. Since that time, there has been no sign of slowing down. RVing is a part of that tiny home movement, and owners get two birds for one stone. They get to satisfy the adventurous travel bug in them and live minimally.

In fact, the idea of tiny homes on wheels is more popular than ever and is now a way of life for thousands of Americans. Living in an RV or motorhome full-time is about living a different American dream. It is about adventure, and being mobile on-demand. It is about independence, freedom, and traveling to interesting places, and gaining new experiences. It is about serenity and peace of mind.

Why Class Cs are a Great Choice

There are different types of RVs, one of which is the very popular Class C. They come in various sizes, and can accommodate one person or an entire family. There are many reasons why they are so popular. One of the biggest ones combines a desire for travel and the desire for mobile living. Though RVers themselves are different, many share the same adventurous spirit, which in turn, gives insight as to who might be the best fit for an RV lifestyle.

Class C RVs have many of the same features as do a brick and mortar home. They are often equipped with sleeping areas, some for up to six people. They have running water, a dining table, a fridge, range, and a bathroom complete with a shower and commode. To be able to combine travel with the modern amenities of home is a large selling point for this style of RV.

Class C’s make great tiny homes that are easy to drive!

The design of the Class C is also a draw. RVers find that driving a Class C is similar to driving a vehicle and fairly easy to maneuver.

So, how do you know that an RV is right for you? If you are an adventurer, love to see new places, and can live with the bare necessities, perhaps a Class C RV should be in your future. Owning a Class C RV is about carving out a lifestyle that you want for yourself and/or your family and making it happen. It is about fulfilling a dream. It is realistic and idealistic.

The burgeoning tiny home movement is both the present and the wave of the future. If you have been thinking about purchasing an RV, it’s a great time to do so. Not knowing how to buy or drive or use an RV is not a problem in this day of easily accessible informational videos containing great RV tips. Many videos are made by RV owners who claim not to have had any experience before making the leap to the RV lifestyle. So, if you want to be a part of the RV community, go grab it by the horns. Enjoying your life on your terms is the stuff RV ownership is made of.

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