Disc Golf – These Florida RV Parks are a Hole in One

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Going RVing is one of the best and simplest ways to vacation. Your lodging issue is taken care of every night because your RV is your hotel. You can also store food in the RV’s cabinets and fridge, thereby spending less at fast food and sit-down restaurants while you are traveling. In beautiful sunny Florida, you can go RVing all year long. If you are a disc golf aficionado, then you are definitely in luck. There are plenty of RV parks where you can park your RV and go out for a rousing game of disc golf.

Unfamiliar With Disc Golf? Still Want to Try It?

Trying new things while on vacation is huge. Disc-golf may be new to you, but it’s been around for a couple of decades now. If you have never played, you may be curious to learn more about it. It is a fairly simple game to play so long as you have a frisbee handy.

Essentially, you start at the first “hole” for the game. It is a chain-link basket on a vertical pole into which you have to throw the frisbee. Aim is everything since you have to get the frisbee into the basket in as few throws/tries as possible. The game continues in the same fashion throughout the disc-golf course. The person with the lowest score wins, just like in regular golf. There is a great, quick tutorial at the end of the blog if you are ready to learn more!

Various Florida Recreational Vehicle Parks with Courses

There are a handful of very nice Florida campgrounds where you can play this game. If you are planning a vacation soon and want to go via recreational vehicle, these parks are worth the stop.

A Disc Golf Basket.

Edward Medard Conservation Park is located in Hillsborough County, near Plant City, about an hour’s drive east of Tampa. If you don’t own a recreational vehicle, you can rent one and drive to this park for the weekend. The disc/frisbee golf course weaves in, out and around the campsites for recreational vehicles, making it a little more challenging for aim.

Fort De Soto State Park is a Florida campground located near Tampa Bay in Pinellas County. It is actually a series of five islands connected by a single road in and out. A ferry picks you and your recreational vehicle up from the mainland and transports you to the islands. If you really want to be as close to the ocean and beaches as you can be, this is the recreational vehicle campground for you.

The frisbee golf here is very challenging because of the frequent changes in direction of the ocean winds. However, if you want a more challenging game, or you have already played before, then camp at Fort De Soto park.

Easterlin Park is described as a “South Florida Recreational Vehicle Park.” To be more exact, Easterlin Park is located in Oakland Park, Florida, halfway between Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale. It is right in the heart of many of Florida’s hottest vacation spots and beaches.

The disc/frisbee golf course in this park is one of the six located in the county of Broward, FL. It has its own unique challenges, or “water traps” and because of the strict rules against retrieving your disc from any of the water hazards, you have to play well or risk losing your disc to the water traps. Some of the most advanced players are likely to find this course challenging, but still fun.

Make a Whole Trip Around Recreational Vehicle Camping and Frisbee (Disc) Golf

Since there are so many campgrounds for recreational vehicles in Florida, and so many places to toss a frisbee for a game of golf, you might just want to make a whole trip out of it. Work your way up from easiest to most challenging courses, or down from most challenging to easiest. Either way it would give you a really good idea about the game itself and about the many places you can stay and have fun with a camping vehicle.

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