A Fifth-Wheel May Be the Best Bang for Your Buck

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One of the most common questions asked is, “What sort of RV should I buy?” While there are those who love their Class A, B, or C RVs, there’s something special about a fifth-wheel. Here are some insider RV tips that will show you the reasons why a fifth wheel might be in your future!

A Fifth-Wheel Might Be the Best Bang for the Buck

The market for fifth-wheel RVs favors the buyer; the used ones are especially quite inexpensive. This is because you’ll need the truck beforehand in order to tow it around, which many people don’t want to invest in or research. There are more innovations that fit into fifth-wheel RVs, typically because of the unique space utilization since there are a lot fewer mechanical problems at risk. Though a fifth wheel RV is not able to move on its own, there is a wide range of options to tow it. You will also save much more money with your fuel economy; just detach your truck and drive that after parking your RV where you will stay.

After setting up your RV at camp, you still have your truck to drive!

Maximum Room; Compact Length

You will be hard-pressed to find an RV that is roomier than a fifth wheel. It has higher ceilings, sometimes up to eight feet, and the front end that would normally be reserved for the dash and electronics is now able to be used for storage and other plans.

Since the bed of the truck is able to be utilized for space, it makes the RV easier to turn. The compact nature of where the sleeping or dining quarters can be is also a very tempting prospect for buyers. If you add on a slide-out, then you’ll have even more room!

Only One Drive Train to Worry About

Instead of having to worry about a complex motorhome to take care of, you’ll be able to relax knowing only your vehicle needs maintenance. Repairing the drive train on an RV that can be driven under its own power is one of the most expensive issues one can face. One of the biggest problems that come with this situation is the fact that getting your RV to a certified, reputable dealer for repairs will cost much more than detaching your truck and having that towed away instead.

Boondock longer in a Fifth-Wheel with extra water and waste storage!

Large Water and Waste Tank Capacity

With the advent of COVID-19, there is a decreasing level of dumping areas where one can dispose of waste and gray water. However, one of the worst things that can happen to your RV is to have the toilet or shower back up into your living quarters!

Thanks to fewer motor parts underneath, these stellar RVs can have more room for storage tanks. Ever wanted to spend more time boondocking? Then add as much water as you’d like into your greater tank capacity! Sleep soundly knowing that those annual six-month trips through Florida won’t result in you using public facilities.

Broken Vehicle? You Still Have Your Fifth-Wheel RV!

It’s always inevitable that RVs will need some mechanical work or break down sometimes. However, have you considered where you will live in the meantime? With hotels being closed at increasing rates, where will you stay while your RV is being repaired? Where is the nearest dealer, and how much will it cost to tow your RV there? You will be able to rest your fifth wheel anywhere needed and never worry about quickly packing for a temporary vacation.

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