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Hey there! Marc and Julie Bennett of RVLove coming to you on the heels of the Florida RV Supershow, where we’re coming down from the high of our experience! This was our first time at a really big RV show, and as full-time RVers who live, sleep and breathe the RV life, we were looking forward to the event. We were not disappointed – we had an absolute blast!

Let the RV shopping begin!

Our plan was to cover the show – and as many RVs and new trends as possible – with a series of articles and videos for our audience on our blog and YouTube channel. We camped onsite with our RV at the State Fairgrounds and zipped around the 26 acres in a golf cart to check out RVs and vendor displays.

TIP: If it’s your first time attending the RV Supershow in Tampa, Florida, we suggest you prepare yourself by reading these handy posts first – 12 Tips for Planning your Visit.

Let’s recap on our experience at the RV Supershow:

A Quick Overview

The show was well laid out and fairly easy to navigate, despite Wednesday’s bigger crowds (being both opening and seniors day) and Saturday, kicking off the weekend. The Show Guide was a handy tool, as was the app and the map which helped us plan out our show coverage, grouping RV brands and types together as much as possible for efficiency.

RVs for Everyone and Every Budget!

There were over 1,500 RVs on display, ranging in price from a few thousand to a cool couple of million. Just about every RV manufacturer and brand – from big companies like Winnebago, Jayco, Thor and Airstream to many of the smaller, family owned RV makers like Coach House, New Horizons and Spacecraft – were there, as well as many of the big, local RV dealers selling those brands.

Touring the Class B’s

If you’re RV shopping, there really is no better place to be able to see as many types, brands, sizes and priced RVs in one place than at the Supershow.

Over the years, we have attended several smaller, local RV shows in various parts of the country, but in this case bigger really is better, as there is just so much to see in one place! The Florida RV Supershow is like Disneyland for RV’ers.

Getting Up Close and Personal with Manufacturers

At many of the displays, representatives from RV and product manufacturers – even company owners – were there, and some made the time to personally answer our questions. This is a huge advantage that you don’t normally get when out shopping for RVs!

RV Meetups, Events and People

We love meeting fellow RVers – they’re such a fun and adventurous lot! At the show, we got to meet and reconnect with some of our fellow RV Bloggers and YouTubers, like Soulful RV Family, Less Junk > More Journey, Humble Road, Technomadia, and Finding our Someday, to name a few. We organized two RVLove meetups and book signings to connect with our own fans and followers and sign copies of our book “Living the RV Life – Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road”.

Marc Bennett of RVLove signing books for fans and full time RV’ers Brett and Cherie Miller

We even managed to meet people en route as we zipped around the show in the golf cart, and in the middle of doing RV tours for our channel. This was one of our favorite parts of the show, being able to share the experience with others, who love RVing almost as much as we do!

Visiting the Vendor Exhibit Areas

All up, there were over 400 vendors all around the show – on the streets, in and around RV displays, and in two exhibit halls – showcasing their wares, demonstrating products, and promoting show specials. There was everything from RV resorts and campground networks, to RV accessories, towing gear, technologies, furniture, toilet tank treatments, camping and outdoor gear, branded merchandise, and all kinds of gadgets and tools.

A Fun, Festive Atmosphere

We really enjoyed the entertainment throughout the show – outside and inside – with bagpipers, Elvis impersonators, jugglers, and musicians all around the event, creating a fun carnival-like atmosphere.

Ongoing Education and Learning

For us, one of the best things about being at the show, is drinking from the never-ending fountain of knowledge we continue to gain from the RV tours and talking to people. Whether it’s RV manufacturers, builders, RV salespeople, product vendors, or fellow shoppers, the RV Supershow offers a fantastic learning opportunity as you prepare to buy your home on wheels – or even just keep up with the latest and greatest in the RV world. Stay curious, ask questions, do your homework, get educated and above all, have fun!  

Are you ready for the next Florida RV Supershow?

The next RV Supershow is in Tampa, Florida every January. Click here for show details as they become available. Will we see you there?  We hope so! It’s an experience you don’t want to miss.

Hope to see you out on the road – AND at the next Florida RV Supershow!

Best of LIFE

– Marc and Julie Bennett from RV Love

For more information on RV Love please see Meet the Bennets from RV Love.


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