Top 12 Reasons to Shop at a RV Show

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The Florida RV Show season coincides with the snowbird season making it a great opportunity for RVers from across the country to find their dream RV. There are many RV Shows held throughout the year across the country but the Florida RV Trade Association, or FRVTA, organizes and hosts some of the best as they are multi-dealer shows – not a lot show of a single dealership, so you can really compare different models all in one place.  In addition, the Florida RV Supershow hosted by the FRVTA is a manufacturer show so all the best RVs are on the display in one place – making many call this the Greatest RV Show on Earth!

Some of the reasons why shopping at an RV show is the best:

Tour Multiple RVs

At an RV show, you have the ability to tour multiple RVs without driving from dealership to dealership.  You can view all of them inside and out in a way that mimics how it would be used at a camp. For instance, in Florida, the RV’s awning will likely be pulled out for everyone to see how much shade it casts. Additionally, you will be able to inspect something you might not be able to inspect at a lot like electronics and water lines, which are often hooked up at a show.

Sales representative is present

Online shopping may be king for purchasing small ticket items but buying an RV is a totally different ballgame. Having a sales representative on site at an RV show is beneficial because it is a low-pressure setting in which he or she is attempting to obtain leads and ascertain interest. In fact, in many instances, the sales rep is often someone who works for the manufacturer. Finally, having a dedicated sales rep for one particular RV or brand is much more convenient because the representative is always on hand to answer questions.

Onsite financing

If you choose to buy an RV, onsite financing is simple at a show. All you have to do is sit in the shade of the awning and fill out the paperwork. Once you are approved, you can then tour with confidence that you can buy anything you can afford. Since shows often display multiple models, it is a fun way to purchase an RV without having to drive to multiple dealerships.

Compare multiple brands at an RV Show

At an RV show, you can shop from among multiple brands. In fact, Florida RV shows, and the Supershow in particular, often have representation by all manufacturers and dealers in the nation. As such, you get a sense of the differences in quality, appearance, and luxury. This is different from an RV lot where dealers might be licensed to carry only a few makes and models.

Comparing RVs from multiple dealers is a huge benefit of a multi-dealer show.

Request customizations

At a show, you can request customizations to a particular RV and have it delivered to a lot near your. These customizations can include the following items.

  • solar
  • four-season insulation
  • upgraded appliances
  • décor
  • furniture upholstery upgrades

One of the best customizations is that you can request layouts. For instance, depending on where you vacation in Florida, you might select a model with a rear kitchen or one with a rear living area.

Experience scale

At a lot, vehicles are often packed right next to one another. Consequently, it is difficult to get a sense of scale of the outside of the RV because you might not be able to hook up electric or draw the awning.

Additionally, you might not be able to experience what it feels like in a pull-through drive.  In a show, however, the displays are often setup in attractive, campsite like configurations, allowing you to experience the size of each RV in a camp-like setting.

Experience all the amenities

At a show, before you buy an RV, you get to see everything in action. The televisions are in full display, and the AC is cranking. The RVs are staged as if you actually live in it; everything you need to experience is on full display at a show! In fact, sitting behind the wheel of your favorite model is one of the most exciting experiences as you assess the dashboard’s layout and how much room you have from the proverbial captain’s chair.

Ability to walk and think

Sometimes, half the experience is taking time to be by yourself and think. At a Florida show, you can mull over your thoughts as you get something to eat or view other vehicles. Because you can walk around and see a variety of other models, you are able to remain relaxed and make better decisions.  Plenty of business means no high-pressure sales tactics and the time you need to make the best decision for you.

Video instructions

One of the best things about going to a show to purchase an RV is being able to watch the video summaries of different vehicles. Because a sales rep might be assisting another buyer, videos offer a lot of RV tips and answer questions. Consequently, you do not have to bother or be bothered by a sales representative.

Additionally, a video overview can answer questions about safety or other important features, such as vehicle height and how to be aware of bridges.

Ask the experts questions

At a multi-dealer show, the manufacturers will send representatives on site to answer questions.  These are the experts that know their products inside and out.  If you are want to know everything about a particular RV, this is your chance to find out!

Find Cool Accessories

Looking for cool new gadgets and gizmos? An RV show has you covered! With vendor booths ranging from RV resorts to RV tech you didn’t even know existed, the latest and greatest RV accessories can be found at a multi-dealer show. So even if you aren’t shopping for a new RV, there is plenty of reasons to shop at an RV Show!

Learn and Network

Last but certainly not least is the opportunity to establish your RV network and learn more about the RV lifestyle. Educational seminars are hosted by RV experts in everything from generators to boondocking giving you the ability to learn more and meet others who share your interests.

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