Florida RV Political Committee

The Florida RV CCE (Committee of Continuing Existence), more commonly referred to as our PAC (Political Action Committee) is supported by monies paid from FRVTA members. These dues are used to support state legislators that back favorable legislation to our members and also protect our members by voting down legislation that may be harmful to them and their businesses.

These funds are directed by the Board of Directors with guidance from FRVTA General Counsel Marc Dunbar. Marc represents the Association before both houses of the legislature and the Executive Branch in all legislative matters. Marc and his firm are one of the most highly respected law firms in the state and have worked vigorously to insure the continued prosperity and growth of the RV Industry in Florida. Your contributions to the Florida RV CCE make all this possible. To make a contribution, contact the State Office or make payment payable to FRVPC. We thank you for your support.

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